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How To Break In Your Skateboard Bushings

You've got a new board or installed new bushings and you can't help but notice that they feel a little stiffer than you'd like. This might not seem like a big deal, but stiff bushings can be a major nuisance when you hit the park. So you're going to have to break them in by performing this simple process. It'll help make your boarding experience that much more enjoyable.

Skate As Much As Possible

The best way to break in your new bushings is to simply skate. If you've purchased a new board or simply installed new bushings, you should avoid any serious shredding until you feel your bushings giving a little bit more. You'll notice more flexibility in your board and more give when you hop.

To break in your bushings, skateboard around your neighborhood for a few days and pay attention to how your board feels. The trickiest aspect is that there is no real guide that works for every board. It all depends on your preference when boarding.

Perform Some Basic Tricks

Once you've felt your bushings flexing closer to your how your old bushings felt, it's worth practicing a few simple tricks. This will give you a good idea of whether or not your bushings have loosened up a little. It can also help further break in your bushings for harder tricks.

So if your board feels stiff performing these basic tricks, it needs a little more time with basic skating:

  • Drop in and pump
  • 50-50 Grind
  • Noseslide
  • Kickflip
  • Grind
  • Back wheelie

Does your board feel flexible and supportive when you land these tricks? Or does it feel awkward and stiff? If it feels unresponsive, you need to get out of the skateboard and try breaking in your bushings a little more.

Adjusting Your Trucking

If your board is still feeling a little tight, your bushings might be fine, but your trucking might need adjusting. The truck is the part attached to the board: inside it, are the cushioning bushings. The problem is likely that your trucking isn't tight enough: if it lacks tightness, your bushings won't get broken in properly.

Adjusting your board's trucking is relatively easy. Take a 9/16-inch wrench, locate the proper nut, and turn it to the right to tighten it to your board. Try riding your board for a few days like this to see if there is any change.

By following this process, you'll break in your bushing and will be ready to hit the skate park in no time. Just remember to always break in any new board part before getting too fancy. Otherwise, you might find yourself lying at the bottom of a ramp with a dazed look on your face. Learn more about skateboards online.   

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