extreme sports - where do you start?

What Is Accelerated Freefall?

If you have always wanted to learn how to skydive, there are a couple of ways that you can do it. Traditional skydiving training can involve several partnered jumps, harnessed to an instructor. There is also the choice to take a course using accelerated freefall.

Accelerated Freefall

AFF may sound like you are going to spend a lot of time going really fast in freefall, but that's not what it is. In this case, accelerated means that you are going to go through an accelerated course and learn how to skydive faster and get to jump solo faster. With accelerated freefall, you start jumping from a higher altitude than you would if you were going to use a traditional style of training. You are also going to get more individual training, because you are going to have two instructors, which means that you are going to have someone who is going to correct your mistakes while you are making them so you are going to not get in the habit of doing those things. How does AFF work?

Harness Hold Training

This is the first level of training. You aren't physically connected to your instructors, but you are wearing a harness that your instructors are able to hold to. They start to show you the proper form and are able to help you hold your body the way that you should. The instructors will tell you when to pull your chute and then move away so that they can pull theirs at the same time. There is a lower altitude by which the chutes have to be pulled for safety's sake, and the instructors will make sure that they have deployed by that point. You, as a student, will have a device on that will automatically pull your chute if you reach that level and haven't as of yet deployed. 

Release Training

Once you have done several jumps at the previous level, there will be a level where you can jump without an instructor holding on to you, but with them going at the same time. They will supervise you and help refine your form. This is also when the instructor can show you different tricks and aerobatics that you can do while you are up in the air. 

If skydiving is something that you have always wanted to do, then you may want to think about trying accelerated freefall. 

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extreme sports - where do you start?

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